Distance Education Advising

Use this website to schedule advising appointments with our advisors across the state of Utah. Simply select your campus below and then follow the on-screen instructions to set up your advising appointment. Out-of-state students and Logan campus students taking distance education courses should meet with Pete Campbell. Students who wish to meet with Jacob Christensen can schedule phone appointments with him as well as face-to-face appointments with him at their particular campus.


Online Students

Pete Campbell advises all out-of-state students and students who take distance education classes in Logan, except those who have been admitted into the 2-year General Studies program.

Online Student Advising

Logan Campus

Pete Campbell is the primary advisor for students on the Logan campus who are enrolled in distance education courses

Pete Campbell

Jessica Olson advises students on the Logan campus who are enrolled in distance education courses and are either:

  • Admitted into the 2-year General Studies Associates Degree program or
  • Submitting a Financial Aid Appeal

Jessica Olson

CIDI Training

Take advantage of the experts at CIDI and improve all aspects of your classroom from the planning of your lectures all the way to your teacher evaulations. Click the link below and schedule an appointment with an Instructional Designer.

Schedule Appointment with Instructional Designer

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