Young, Eloise

Eloise Young

Eloise will be out of the office from July 25-July 28.  To visit with an advisor during this time contact the Salt Lake Center at 385-646-5570.

Advising Areas

  • Associate of Arts/Science in General Studies
  • Students completing general education courses
  • Students taking prerequisites for degrees offered at other locations

Special Arrangements

If you are unable to meet at the scheduled times or would like to arrange for an evening appointment, please contact Eloise directly to make arrangements.

Contact Information

Office Location: 1875 South State Street T100
Phone: 801-226-9045
Email Address:

Cancellation Policy

Students should cancel their appointments in a timely manner by calling the Orem Center.

Available Appointment Dates :

  Appointment Time Location Subject Allowed Reserved
08/24/17 Thu 1:30PM - 2:00PM 1875 South State Street T100 1 0
08/24/17 Thu 3:00PM - 3:30PM 1875 South State Street T100 1 0

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