This course provides opportunities for student teachers/interns to learn about and practice skills in classroom management, curriculum development, instructional strategies, and lesson design and implementation in classroom contexts. Mentor teachers and University supervisors support context appropriate, effective teaching. Prerequisite: Minimum Level III GPA of 3.0 ELED 4000 with a grade of B- or better ELED 4005 with a grade of B- or better ELED 4030 with a grade of B- or better ELED 4040 with a grade of B- or better ELED 4050 with a grade of B- or better ELED 4060 or ELED 4062 with a grade of B- or better Corequisites: One of the following: ELED 5050, ELED 5100, ELED 5150, or ELED 5240. Pass/Fail only. Semester(s) Traditionally Offered: Fall, Spring

Dates Fall 2019 | 8/26/19 - 12/13/19
Credits 3.0
Delivery Online
Hart, Sharla sharla.hart@usu.edu
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