Introduces plate tectonics, minerals, rocks, water resources, geological hazards, internal and external geologic processes, and a geologic history of the earth. Semester(s) Traditionally Offered: Fall, Summer

This course will be a blended mix of in class participation and online content.

Dates Fall 2020 | 8/31/20 - 12/18/20
Times W 5:15 PM - 7:45 PM
Credits 3.0
Delivery Blended Interactive Broadcast
Hochberg, Amy
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Center CRN Building (Rooms)
Logan 45520 Geology (105)
Brigham City 45521 To Be Determined
Kaysville 45523 To Be Determined
Moab 45522 To Be Determined
Southwest * 45524 To Be Determined
Tooele 56118 Tooele Science and Technology (109)
Uintah Basin 45525 Bingham Center (129)
Uintah Basin 45525 Roosevelt Student Center (USU) (130)
USU Eastern-Blanding 56475 To Be Determined
USU Eastern-Price 45526 Central Instruction Building (223)

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