Designed for students enrolled in electrical apprenticeship. Covers the application of AC theory as it applies to industrial applications in the electrical field. Covers the basic construction and theory of inductance, capacitance, and resistors dealing with L.C.R. circuits as they are used in the electrical field. Emphasizes hands-on lab experience in correcting power factor in motors, comparing true power and reactive power in inductor, capacitors and resistors. Prerequisite/Restriction: APPR 2302 and apprentice license Campus: USU Eastern only

Dates Fall 2020 | 8/31/20 - 12/18/20
Times TR 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Credits 5.0
Delivery Interactive Broadcast
Jensen, Boe
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Center CRN
USU Eastern-Price Pending McDonald Career Center (112)
Moab Pending To Be Determined
Southwest * Pending To Be Determined
Tooele Pending To Be Determined
USU Eastern-Blanding Pending To Be Determined

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