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Who can be a Proctor?

Relatives, co-workers (of you or your family), and friends (of you or your family) are not eligible to proctor exams. Current and former USU students are also ineligible. Proctors must provide a professional e-mail account and physical work address to verify her/his title. Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail or similar addresses will not be accepted.

Examples of Acceptable Proctors are:

  • College or professional testing center staff
  • Full-time school or public librarian
  • Military education director
  • Embassy education officer

Proctor Certification Terms

Proctors are responsible for upholding the standards and guidelines, reading exam instructions to the student verbatim, monitoring the examinee, return materials accordingly and record & report any suspected cheating incidents and making sure that the exam is provided in the way it was intended by the instructor. As a proctor you agree to the following terms:

  • Administer exams only at your school or workplace, never at your home or the student's home.
  • Verify the identity of the student with a photo ID before administering each exam.
  • Ensure that the student does not use a student-owned computer or laptop. Only facility-owned computers may be used for proctored exams.
  • Please have the student use an up-to-date web browser. Mozilla Firefox 7.0 or later is recommended wherever possible. Google Chrome 13, Internet Explorer 8, and Safari 5 or later may also be used.
  • If you proctor exams for multiple students, please turn off all of the web browser's "Autofill" options so students are not provided with the answers submitted by a previous student using the same computer.
  • Do not allow the student to use materials other than those listed in the exam instructions, including other computer programs or websites. Electronic devices such as cell phones and mp3 players should be turned off and may not be used during exams.
  • Do not allow the student to leave the testing premises during the exam.
  • Remain in the room with the student until the exam is completed and submitted. (Should this be difficult due to staffing issues, we ask that you check on the student at random intervals during the exam.)
  • Your IP address and geo-location may be logged and compared to physical addresses on file. Discrepancies between the proctor and student locations may be viewed as suspicious and could result in de-certification an/or academic discipline of the student.

Sign Up

If you meet the requirements listed and agree to our proctoring certification terms you can signup today.

Help For Proctors

If you have technical computer or internet related issues, call the USU Help Desk at (435) 797-4357. It is best not to schedule tests on with USU students on the weekends. Some of USU's central infrastructure undergoes maintenance on Saturday mornings and you and the student may run into issues.