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USU E-Learning Testing Services is committed to the highest standard of academic integrity. The online materials & testing system has been designed to assist students in finding certified proctors and testing locations and securely distributing course material. This service is for all USU Distance Education students.

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Use this system to find a proctor in your area, submit a proctor for certification, or schedule a test at a Utah State University testing center. Please search for an existing proctor before submitting a new one for certification.

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If you have exams you want to be proctored, you can post the exam information here. This information will be stored securely and made available to certified proctors when students take the exams. You can also use this site to post materials to be shared with our regional sites (handouts, homework, etc.) Facilitators at each site will access this material and distribute to your students as needed.

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Proctors are an essential component of our Distance Education System. We rely on you to serve our students by providing a safe and secure location for our students to take their exams. If you would like to become a part of the Utah State University Proctoring Network or if you have been invited by a student to proctor an exam, please make sure you read the guidelines describing the qualifications needed in order to be approved as a proctor. Once you have done this, you can go to Become a Proctor and apply.