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USU Students can download the myProctors Proctor Search Application in the Apple App Store.

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Online courses taught through Utah State University may require a proctored exam or written assignments as designated by the instructor. This means that a student is monitored by an approved individual with which the student does not have a relationship with in any manner (co-worker, colleague, family, friend, etc.)

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Sign In on the right to select your proctor. Once a proctor is selected, you will need to contact the proctor to schedule your exam.

Some proctors may charge a fee for their services. Students are responsible for all fees incurred while taking exams.

Exams must be taken at the educational, professional or governmental institution where the proctor is employed, never at the proctor's or the student's place of residence. Exams must be taken using equipment that belongs to the proctoring institution. Personal laptops and computers are not allowed.

How do I know if my online course requires proctored exams?

The instructor determines the use of proctored exams. Please refer to your syllabus that will indicate whether a proctor is required.

Where do I take my exam?

Students living within 20 miles or less from campus should use the USU Testing Centers. Students living more than 20 miles from a USU campus/site must find an approved proctor in their area.

Sign-in to use Find a Proctor to locate the nearest certified proctor.

What if I am not a USU student?

The Distance Education Testing Center is available for non-USU students. If you are a non-USU student you must request your exam from your institution to be sent to the testing center at exam.request@aggiemail.usu.edu at least two weeks before your scheduled exam date. There will be a fee of $10 per appointment. You may take more than one exam at the same appointment and the fee will remain the same. If your exam is paper based, your exam will need to be sent to:

E-Learning Testing Services
5100 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT 84322